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Bride and flower girl at wedding in Stratford

Your fairy-tale wedding—right here.

When you think of the setting for the making or renewal of a romantic promise, what do you picture? Not just in a snapshot of the happy moment, but overall? Do you see beautiful gardens, charming architecture, and elegant swans gliding on water? Do you imagine an exquisite meal? What you’re dreaming of is Stratford.

Quite simply, we create the perfect atmosphere for celebrating an engagement, wedding, or anniversary, or for marking the forging of a commitment. Stratford offers charming inns, B&Bs, and restaurants for everything from that simple-but-perfect small celebration to fully catered banquets in hotel ballrooms. And our gardens, river walks, and heritage buildings have the perfect vistas and intimate corners to make your photographs truly memorable. Take a look at our wedding directory to find the venue and services you need to pull off that perfect Stratford wedding.

And when the city is home to one of North America’s greatest theatres—well, you can easily imagine the range of choice you’ll have of top-notch local planners, decorators, entertainers, and caterers. We believe the word is “superb.”

Whatever your romantic celebration, choose Stratford. We were made for magic.

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